9. How is a temperature control unit normally brought on line?

Bringing a temperature control unit on line is very simple:

  • Connect the hoses between the temperature control unit and the consumer.
  • Connect the unit to the cooling water circuit.
  • Connect the unit to the power supply.
  • Turn the unit on at the main switch.
  • Fill the heat transfer fluid (manually for thermal oil, manually or automatically for water, depending on model and version).
  • Enter the outlet temperature/set-point value at the controller (corresponds roughly to the production temperature of the consumer).
  • Turn on the unit (pump, heater, etc.).
  • For manual filling, continue to fill the heat transfer fluid until the pump runs without interruption, i.e. sufficient heat transfer fluid is circulating in the temperature control circuit.
  • The steps listed above are described in detail in the Operating Instructions.
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