8. Are there recommendations for an optimal temperature control unit set-up with respect to the production equipment?

  • The set-up depends on production and space conditions. If, due to production conditions, the temperature control unit settings must be changed frequently, it makes sense to place the unit where it is easily accessible.
  • With regard to the distance of the temperature control unit from the production machine or consumer: Due to temperature and pressure losses in the connection lines between the unit and the consumer, the temperature control unit should be placed as close to the machine or consumer as possible. Due to pressure losses, the inner Ø of the feed hoses should not be reduced before the consumer.
    Recommended value for the connection lines: inner Ø not less than the inner Ø of the inlet/outlet of the temperature control unit.
    Distances greater than approximately 5 m should be avoided. If this is not possible, temperature drops and pressure losses in the feed hoses must be considered when setting up the temperature control unit. If the unit is used primarily for heating, the hoses should be thermally insulated.

Further information: Temperature Control by Means of Fluid Media, 5th Edition, p. 28, Figures 19 and 20 (Metric Units) or p. 42, Figures 19a and 20a (English Units). To order the book, see Answer 21.

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