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Checklist 6: Rollers

1 through 8 essential for determining unit

1    Material, weight and heat transfer fluid content of the rollers or roller dimensions as
      shown in «Regloplas – Temperature Control by Means of Fluid Media, 5th edition», page 32,
      Fig. 25, including width of roller.
2    Permissible pressure (bar).
3    Operating pressure of the rollers.
4    Heat-up time (<10 °C/min due to thermal stress).
5    Heating capacity (kW) required during production or data on the material to be processed
      (type; for films: thickness, web width, thermal conductivity, density, specific heat, 
      production speed (m/min), temperature required at outer side of film).
6    Pump capacity (x l/min at y bar) or permissible temperature drop across the roller (°C) 
      and graph of pressure drop (bar) as a function of flow rate (l/min).
7    Angle of contact (°).
8    Operating voltage (V/Hz), 3 PE.
9    Problem definition (diagrams, descriptions, etc.). For multiple rollers, please indicate which 
      rollers are to be controlled and the number of control circuits.
10  Cooling water mains: pressure and temperature range.
11  Accessories (hoses, coupling etc.): see "Regloplas Temperature Control Technology", section
12  For optional features, see «Regloplas – Temperature Control by Means of Fluid Media, 5th edition»,
      page 17, section 8.
13  See also Checklist 1 for additional information pertaining to problem, as well as Checklists 9 and 10.

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