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Checklist 11: Refrigerating machines

This checklist supplements Checklists 1 through 8 for applications requiring cooling only, as well
as those applications in which the required consumer temperature is lower than that of the
cooling water mains.

1     Object(s) to be cooled.
2     Temperature of cooling water (outlet).
3     Cooling capacity (kW) or inlet and outlet temperature of the cooling water at the consumer
       (determined from actual values) and water usage (l/min).
4     Flow rate of water (m3/h).
5     Pressure characteristic in consumer (bar).
6     Condenser cooling:
        – Air: ambient temperature (°C) 
        – Water: inlet temperature (°C) 
                      flow rate (m3/h) 
                      pressure (bar)
7     Operating voltage (V/Hz), 3 PE.
8     Site (outdoors/indoors).
9     Accessories (hoses, coupling etc.): see "Regloplas Temperature Control Technology", section
10   For optional features, see «Regloplas – Temperature Control by Means of Fluid Media, 
       5th edition», page 17, section 8.
11   See also Checklist 1 for additional information pertaining to problem.

For energy-saving systems:
12   Mean annual temperature.
13   Operating conditions (2 or 3 shifts, annual operating hours, etc.).
14   Special installation conditions.

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