Unit selection

Checklist 10: Units connected to a process controller

This checklist supplements Checklists 1 through 8.

Temperature control mode
1    Temperature control via machine controller only (no internal controller).
2    Temperature control via external set-point input (analog, BUS-system).
3    Temperature control via data interface (serial, Profibus etc.).
4    Type of machine; type of control system.
5    Control of fluid or consumer temperature (external); temperature sensor Pt100, J, K, T or N.

Unit control mode
6    Control voltage.
7    Remote unit on/off at production machine.
8    With/without group interrupt.

Connection cable unit/production machine
9    Separate data line for actual value of points 1 and 2.
10  Serial cable (always pluggable).
11  Control line for heating and cooling commands to points 1 and 2.

For items 9 and 11, please indicate choice: pluggable or hard-wired to terminal.

For further information, see «Regloplas – Temperature Control by Means of Fluid Media,
5th edition», page 69.

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