Determinación del aparato

Lista de control nº 9: Aparatos protegidos contra explosiones

This checklist supplements Checklists 1 through 8.

1    Ignition temperature of potentially explosive atmosphere.
2    Temperature class.

3    Protection class (min. IP54)
4    Site: not dangerous/zone 2/zone 1/zone 0; outdoors/indoors.
5    Ambient temperature (°C).
6    Material specification for components that come in contact with the heat transfer fluid:
      e.g. Steel/4301/4435/….

Type of protection: intrinsically safe Ex I or explosion-proof Ex d.
7    Temperature control.
8    Temperature limiter.
9    Level control.
10  Flow monitor.
11  Emergency Off switch.

Control system
12  Site: not dangerous/zone 2/zone 1/zone 0; outdoors/indoors.
13  Protection class (min. IP54). 14 Diagram of layout.

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