Determinación del aparato

Lista de control nº 2: Moldes para el procesamiento de plásticos

1 through 6 essential for determining unit

1    Mould: material and weight or material and dimensions.
2    Operating temperature of mould.
3    Heat-up time (h).
4    Quantity of heat to be added or removed (x kW at mould temperature y °C) or plastic 
processing temperature, mould temperature and processing rate (kg/h).
5    Processing material.
6    Operating voltage (V/Hz), 3 PE.
7    Pump capacity (x l/min at y bar) or permissible temperature drop across mould (°C) and graph of 
      pressure drop (bar) as a function of flow rate (l/min).
8    Control mode: heat transfer fluid or mould with Pt100 resistance thermometer or J, K, T or N 
9    Cooling water mains: pressure and temperature range.
10  Accessories (hoses, couplings, etc.): see "Regloplas Temperature Control Technology", section 
11  For optional features, see «Regloplas – Temperature Control by Means of Fluid Media, 5th edition», 
      page 17, section 8.
12  See also Checklists 1, 9 and 10 for additional information pertaining to problem.

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