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Lista de control nº 1: Diferentes aplicaciones

This checklist is valid for all applications not specifically covered by checklists 2 through 11.

1    Problem definition (diagrams, descriptions, etc.).
2    Material and weight or material and dimensions of consumer.
3    Temperature range of consumer.
4    Heat transfer fluid (please provide composition of media other than water or thermal oil).
5    Heating capacity for heat-up phase or heat-up time (h).
6    Quantity of heat to be added or removed (x kW at consumer temperature y °C).
7    Cooling: 
      a) indirect 
      b) direct (only for water as heat transfer fluid) 
      c) using air instead of cooling water.
8    Control mode (heat transfer fluid or consumer): type of temperature sensor.
9    Periodic heating and cooling of consumer: cycle graph, heating/cooling linear or exponential (see Fig. 1).
10  Pump capacity (x l/min at y bar) or permissible temperature drop across consumer (°C) and graph of 
      pressure drop (bar) as a function of flow rate (l/min).
11  Volume of heat transfer fluid in consumer.
12  Model: 
      a) with/without housing. For installation: please provide dimensions of space available 
      b) control/display elements in unit or separate. If separate, please provide dimensions of space 
13  Position of temperature control unit with respect to consumer: 
      a) distance 
      b) consumer higher/lower/same height
14  Cooling water mains: pressure and temperature range.
15  Operating voltage (V/Hz), 3 PE.
16  Control voltage.
17  Ambient temperature (min./max.).
18  Accessories (hoses, couplings, etc.): see "Regloplas Temperature Control Technology", section 
19  For optional features, see «Regloplas – Temperature Control by Means of Fluid Media, 5th edition», 
      page 17, section 8.
20  For explosion-proof version, see Checklist 9.
21  For process controller connection, see Checklist 10.
22  Additional information pertaining to problem (accessibility, safety features, regulations, climate, etc.).

Figure 1: Cycle, item 9

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